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Depression Detox Show | Daily Inspirational Talks

Sep 30, 2022

Sports psychology and performance coach Emily Saul debuts sharing the five most important lessons from her ten-year daily push-up challenge.
Source: The Power of Practice: Lessons From 10 Years of Pushups | Emily Saul | TEDxBoston
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Sep 29, 2022

World renown speaker, New York Times Bestselling author and coach returns to encourage you to make the correct choices in life. 
Source: Nick Vujicic - No Arms No Legs No Worries Italiano
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Instagram: nickvujicic
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Sep 26, 2022

Award-winning actor, producer, and #1 New York Times bestselling author Matthew McConaughey is back to explain the strategy to his success. 
Source: Matthew McConaughey winning Best Actor | 86th Oscars (2014)
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Instagram: officiallymcconaughey

Sep 23, 2022

Jim Rohn returns to share his three keys of personal development. 
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Sep 21, 2022

New York Times Bestselling Author, inspirational speaker, and TV personality Iyanla Vanzant makes her debut to discuss what to do when you can't forgive someone who wronged you.
Source:  Iyanla Vanzant Girls Inc People of Influence Gala Guest Speaker 2013
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