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Depression Detox Show | Daily Inspirational Talks

Jul 31, 2023

Professor of business, speaker, and wealth and personal development author Dr. Dennis Kimbro is BACK to ask the four critical questions to get your life in alignment. 
Source: Dr. Dennis Kimbro Golden Gate University Commencement Speech (2022)
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Jul 28, 2023

Author and creator of the Mindful Eating Method Program, Lily Hills, joins the show to share some surefire ways to tame the untamed mind so you can be at your best in the most challenging times 
Source: Transcending The Untamed Mind | Lily Hills
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Website: Lily Hills 

Jul 27, 2023

What is the biggest predictor of a relationship lasting? 
Relationship expert and clinician Dr. John Gottman shares his answer based on his 40 plus years of clinical data. 
Source: Making Relationships Work | Dr. John Gottman | Seattle Rotary Club
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Jul 26, 2023

Is your life in a disarray? 
Is it hard for you to be happy? 
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is back to share the necessary steps to get your life in order. 
Source: How to Get Your Life in Order
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Online Course: Self-Authoring

Jul 25, 2023

By definition it is simply, the ability to understand and share the feeling of another. 
However that usually applies to us in a hierarchal way. We often feel empathy for people we feel are below us or parallel to us. What about the people who are above us or "six rungs above us" what then?