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Depression Detox Show | Daily Inspirational Talks

Oct 31, 2023

Uber succesful author, speaker and real estate agent Krista Mashore debuts on the show to inspire us to get unstuck to live a more fulfilled life. 


Source: Krista Mashore | Fear is a lie! | TAG Talks Live


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Instagram: kristamashore



Oct 30, 2023

"What you focus on expands."


Dr. Eric Thomas returns to the show to share his insights. 


Source: Eric Thomas - Push through it (Motivation)


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Instagram: etthehiphoppreacher


YouTube: etthehiphoppreacher


Book: You Owe You: Ignite Your Power,...

Oct 27, 2023

Harvard professor, PhD social scientist, #1 bestselling author, and columnist at The Atlantic, Arthur Brooks returns to the show to help you find the meaning of your by answering two simple questions.


Source: The Science of Happiness with Arthur C. Brooks


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Website: Arthur C. Brooks

Oct 26, 2023

Motivational speaker Inky Johnson is back to share some insight about extending grace.


Source: "Say Yes To Everything?" -Inky Johnson Keynote Speech Transform Conference 2022


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Instagram: inkyjohnsonmotivate


YouTube: Inky Johnson Inky Johnson...

Oct 25, 2023

Sarah Montana shares a harrowing event from her past and how it shaped her to become who she is today. 


Source: Sarah Montana - What Shapes You Cant Break You: The Power of Your Whole Story


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Website: Sarah Montana 


Instagram: sarahemontana


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