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Depression Detox Show | Daily Inspirational Talks

May 25, 2022

You're about to go to sleep. But before you turn off the lights, you take a few minutes to reflect on your day. 
What are the things that go through your mind? 
I bet I can tell you. 
It's probably all the things you did wrong, things that upset you, and things to worry about for the next day. 
This has a profoundly debilitating effect on our emotions and our well-being. 
But you have the power to change that with a simple 3-step process that  
our featured speaker, Mike Robbins, is here to teach you.
Source:  The power of appreciation: Mike Robbins at TEDxBellevue
Connect with Mike Robbins: 
Instagram: mikedrobbins
YouTube: Mike Robbins
Book: Nothing Changes Until You Do: A Guide to Self-Compassion and Getting Out of Your Own Way
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