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Depression Detox Show | Daily Inspirational Talks

Dec 28, 2022

It's a word that's been mainstreamed over the past couple of years. Mainstream media has also made us believe that being triggered is negative, so we often get stuck in a never-ending loop of triggerdome ( I made that up). But what if we look at trauma and being triggered differently, in a way that we can use it as a positive rather than a negative? 
Our returning featured speaker Dr. Gabor Maté shares his teachings about what it means to be triggered and what we can do about it. 
Source:  What No One is Telling You About Trauma and Addiction | Gabor Mate & Joe Polish
Connect with Gabor Maté M.D.: 
Instagram: gabormatemd
YouTube: Dr Gabor Maté
Book: The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, and Healing in a Toxic Culture
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Hosted by Malikee Josephs (Pronounced Muh leek Jo seffs)
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